Swerve is a nonprofit Collaborative Media Commons project based at the University of California, Santa Barbara. An interdisciplinary team of graduate students, undergraduates, faculty, and film industry professionals collaborate to produce Swerve. The project was started in 2010 and will continue through 2013.

During this time many people have worked on the film.

Swerve was initially conceived as a collaboration between academics and film professionals, and grew out of a series of collaborative online and physical discussions on the nature of data visualization, technology become invisible, virtuality versus physicality, the future of nanotechnology, the genre of "Cyberpunk" fiction, ecology and contamination, and the future of the human. Many of the contributors to the project during this conceptual stage are listed on the Crew page.

Actual filming has taken place periodically from the Spring of 2010 through the present.

Filming has mostly taken place in the Santa Barbara area, with some additional filming in Los Angeles.


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